Cargo & Logistics Innovation

The logistics industry is gearing up for possibly the biggest challenge in its history. Still in its infancy, research and development projects into unmanned cargo initiatives and smart logistics are aiming to bring about massive disruptions in the global transportation industry throughout the entire logistics value chain.

Organisations active in this industry have to adapt their organisation accordingly in order to optimise operations and revenues. This conference addresses the impact of digitalisation of logistics processes on efficiency and profitability.

Focus topics:

  • M2M, IoT, 5G
  • Big Data
  • Sensor Networks
  • 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Security
  • Regulatory issues
  • Business models
  • and more…..
Speakers (full program)
Burkhard Stadlmann bastiaan krosse Julio Gil Laurence Duquerroy Holger Heckmann Marcus Breekweg
Burkhard Stadlmann Bastiaan Krosse Julio Gil Laurence Duquerroy Holger Heckmann Marcus Breekweg

Targetgroup: Shippers | Carriers | UAV manufacturers | Research institutions | Military | Aerospace manufacturers | System Integrators | ICT suppliers | Logistic service suppliers | Entrepreneurs | Investors | Airports | Governmental Institutions | Air Cargo Companies | Fulfilment companies | Retailers | E-tailers | Consultants


The Cargo Innovation Conference is part of the first global multimodal unmanned cargo systems event – a two-day event (Jun 13-14, 2017) that includes 4 dedicated conferences:

It is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with this pioneering community of unmanned cargo researchers, engineers, business developers and end-users.

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