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Speaker Partners

logo port of amsterdam program The port of Amsterdam is responsible for the management and development of the Amsterdam port area.

Media Partners

MyDearDrone –

Are you a UAV Fan? MyDearDrone is perfect for you because it’s a free, original and best community to learn everything from news, reviews, guides and much more about drone and it’s technology.

So come and experience the Quadcopter (UAV) world with us.

Transport Advancement Transport Advancement is a leading information centric website for latest updates within the industry. We cover Railway, Road Traffic, Airways, Shipping & Port and run with an objective to provide knowledge driven content to our readers and subscribers in various forms like news, projects, upcoming events.
mind commerce Mind Commerce is your trusted source for research and strategic analysis focused on digital technologies and the telecommunications industry. Our reports provide key trends, projections, and in-depth analysis for infrastructure, platforms, devices, applications, services, emerging business models and opportunities.Key focus areas for Mind Commerce include:Cloud Computing, Data Technologies, and the Internet of Things. Contact us today for an initial discussion and/or briefing about our research. More information

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Partner Events

TUS Expo, 3 Days of Unmanned Systems
TUS Expo Europe is part of the 2nd International Robotics Week in Rotterdam. It provides a complete Exhibition and Conference addressing the what, why, and how of current and future of the Unmanned Systems industry. Prior and during the Exhibition and Conference, we will also host different Side Events.

infratech 2019 partnersInfraTech 2019, Future proof
Ready for the future. This applies not only to Dutch infrastructure (which is among the top-3 of the world, according to the World Economic Forum) but to the entire sector. InfraTech 2019 is a unique knowledge platform where clients, contractors, engineering firms and suppliers showcase why the Dutch infrastructure sector has been among the best in the world for years.

Registration Partner

Tikcit is an online registration platform.
Organising an event implies many issues, from ticketing to e-payments, from statistics to ordering supplies, from surveys to social media and many many more. Tikcit is the platform to support you: Tikcit, event experiences.

Tikcit is the first ever platform that enables you to help you organising your event from ticketing to all features you require. Tikcit offers all basic features but the strength of it is that Tikcit enables you to connect many tools from other partners to optimize the organisation of your event.

So don’t wait and start using Tikcit and offer the best services for your attendees / customers and get the most benefit out of your event. Contact us for more information.

Association Partner

LiofLIOF—the Limburg Development and Investment Company—is the regional development and investment company responsible for the Dutch province of Limburg.

LIOF was established in 1975 and is headquartered in Maastricht. Our purpose is to develop this province’s economy and its business climate.

Our Core Activities:

  • We provide venture capital to innovative and potentially viable small to midsized companies
  • We stimulate knowledge-driven and innovative projects created by small to midsized companies
  • We acquire foreign investors and perform investor development for established companies.

LIOF is the executive body for the Dutch Province of Limburg and its communities to attract new companies to Limburg. In close partnership, LIOF coordinates Limburg’s lead generation in industry and logistics through the NFIA and HIDC networks and other lead generation through LIOF’s public and commercial networks.

Content Partners

Below you can see the content partners of the Cargo Innovation Conference 2018, which took place on June 7, in Venlo, The Netherlands.

SMART Logistics Centre Venlo is a unique overall concept in which businesses work together with the government and educational institutions to strengthen the European logistic hotspot. Within SMART Logistics Centre Venlo, parties unite to optimally facilitate existing logistics companies and those still to be established. Businesses take the lead.

The Venlo region is a Top Logistic Region with excellent intermodal facilities (rail, road and barge) which excels in warehousing and logistics.
It is therefore not surprising that a large number of international logistics service providers have chosen to locate in this region. Furthermore, the region has prestigious logistics SMEs. This combination of companies encourages an innovative environment and a strong economic framework for a key logistics hub where businesses want to locate.

KennisDC LogistiekKennisDC Logistiek; Source of Talent and Innovation

Dutch network Campus for innovation inside logistics. Bundling and connecting education, entrepreneurs and governments. The Logistics Centre of Expertise is a national partnership of six Universities of Applied Sciences that offer logistic studies. Their working title being KennisDC Logistiek. These KennisDCs are organised on a regional basis, with the national cooperation forming a powerful network. This network is based upon the combined forces of knowledge and expertise.

Objectives of KennisDC Logistiek:
1. Valorisation & business development for companies
2. Know-how creation & sharing
3. Renewing education.

KennisDC Logistiek ensures that companies and institutions are instantly supported with applied knowledge. Through interaction within and with the logistics field and the national knowledge institutions, The KennisDC’s can use each other’s expertise in a more clever way, which enables them to properly match supply and demand between business and education. Each KennisDC is the pivot in a regional logistics knowledge infrastructure and has its own spearheads but with a broad logistics basis.