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Cargo Innovation Conference 2018 | Cargo Innovation Conference 2017 | Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference 2017 Edition

Cargo Innovation Conference 2018

Below you can see the program of the Cargo Innovation Conference 2018, which took place on June 7, in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Digital Disruption / Autonomous Systems / 3D Printing / IoT

08:45 09:30 Welcome and Registration
09:30 09:35 pieter hermans program Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima jakajima, program
09:35 10:00 daniel horn program Daniël Horn, Smart Tech Solutions & Digital Transformation, KPMG The Netherlands, on “The power of end to end automation”, More information kpmg nederland program
10:00 10:25 Klara Paardenkooper Klara Paardenkooper, Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Rotterdam Business School (RBS), The Netherlands, on “Logistic Applications of Blockchain”, More information; Read the interview
10:25 10:50 jordi program Jordi Arjona Aroca, Projects technician, Valenciaport Foundation, Spain on “The impact of digitization in container terminals”, More information
10:50 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 11:40 raoul leering program Raoul Leering, Head of International Trade Analysis, ING Bank, on “3D printing and global trade: a threat for transport business and logistics?”, More information ing bank program
11:40 12:05 Dick Ignacio, Associate, Bird & Bird LLP, The Netherlands, on “Impact of 3D Printing on import and export rules”, More information logo bird & bird program
12:05 12:30 guy somers program Guy Somers, Project Manager, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, on “Development from intermodal to synchromodal transport. Is your company ready?”, More information fontys logo program
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 13:55 jan otten program Jan Otten, Project Coordinator, European project PASSAnT (PlAtform for innovative Security Solutions hArbours & Terminals) / Project Leader, Dutch institute for Technology Safety & Security (DITSS), on “Belgian-Dutch alliance develops with European support high-tech security solution for ports”, More information DITSS
13:55 14:20 Remco PikaartPieter BoonDavid Woudenberg Remco Pikaart, CEO, Shipping Factory, on “From #selfdriving boat to autonomous inland shipping”, More information



Pieter Boon, Partner, Xomnia, on “From #selfdriving boat to autonomous inland shipping”, More information



David Woudenberg, Lead Autonomous, Xomnia, on “From #selfdriving boat to autonomous inland shipping”, More information

xomnia program
14:20 14:45 alfons schaafsma program Alfons Schaafsma, Advisor Innovation and Development, ProRail, The Netherlands, on “Automated Train Operation – an important building block for modern railways”, More information; Read the interview prorail program
14:45 15:10 willem jan lamers program Willem-Jan Lamers, Founder / managing director, Accerion, on “Positioning technology for mobile robots”, More information accerion program
15:10 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 16:05 Roy Lenders Roy Lenders, Lector Supply Chain Fontys University / CEO Digital Operating Models / Founder Genzai, on “Learnings from the use of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain”, More information Genzai
16:05 16:30 robin puthli, program Robin Puthli, Founder, Babbler, on “Logistics and the Internet of Things”, More information babbler, logo
16:30 18:00 Drinks

Cargo Innovation Conference 2017

Below you can find the program of the 2017 edition of the conference, which took place on June 14, 2017, at Maasport Venlo, The Netherlands:

8:45 9:30 Welcome and Registration
9:30 10:00 Julio Gil previous Julio Gil, Integrations & Strategy Manager, Europe Healthcare L&D, UPS, USA, on “UPS Drone Logistics”, More information
10:00 10:30 Bastiaan Krosse previous Bastiaan Krosse, Research Manager, TNO, department Integrated Vehicle Safety, on “Advances in truck and AGV automation for efficient and safe terminal and inter-terminal operation”, More information
10:30 11:00 Burkhard Stadlmann previous Burkhard Stadlmann, Professor, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, on “Automatic Train Driving”, More information
11:00 11:30 Break
11:30 12:00 Laurence Duquerroy previous Laurence Duquerroy, Application project manager, European Space Agency (ESA), The Netherlands, on “Space for unmanned cargo vehicles”, More information ; Read the interview
12:00 12:30 Barry Koperberg previous Barry Koperberg, Founder and general manager Wings for Aid Foundation on behalf of World Food Program UAV Working Group, on “Innovation to Impact: World Food Program coordination model for UAV use”, More information
12:30 14:00 Break
14:00 14:30 Erik Ekkel previous Erik Ekkel, Director IT & Operations, Ahrma, The Netherlands, on “Where are my products and in what condition? Track & trace throughout the logistics chain”, More information; Read the interview with Holger Heckmann
14:30 15:00 Svilen Rangelov previous Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder, Dronamics
15:00 15:15 Nathalie Koopman previous Nathalie Koopman, University of Twente, on “Advance the development of UCA by identifying the opinion of shippers about UCA”, More information
15:15 16:00

Roundtable discussion:

“The future of Multi Modal Unmanned Cargo Systems”

Hans Heerkens previous Hans Heerkens, Assistant Professor, University of Twente / Chairman, Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft
Roundtable members will follow soon
16:00 17:00 End of Conference and drinks

Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference 2017 Edition

Below you can find the program of the 2017 edition of the conference, which took place on June 13, 2017, at Maasport Venlo, The Netherlands:

Céline Hourcade, Head, Cargo Transformation program, International Air Transport Association (IATA), Switzerland, on “Drones for tomorrow’s air cargo”, More information

8:45 9:30 Welcome and Registration
9:30 9:40 Twan Beurskens OFFICIAL OPENING
Twan Beurskens, Deputy General, Province of Limburg, The Netherlands
9:40 10:10 arwen korteweg KEYNOTE
Arwen Korteweg, Business Manager Logistics, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on “Rotterdam-Venlo-Europe: the autonomous connection”, More information
10:10 10:40 Céline HOURCADE program
10:40 11:10 Break
11:10 11:40 Laurens Schrijnen Laurens Schrijnen, Advisor Smart Mobility, Project Manager smart shipping, Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, on “Smart Shipping Challenge 2017 SMASH!”, More information; Read the interview
11:40 12:10 Ørnulf Jan Rødseth Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, Senior Scientist, SINTEF Ocean, Norway, on “Unmanned ship transport systems in Norway”, More information; Read the interview
12:10 12:40 Gerben Peeters Gerben Peeters, PhD researcher, KU Leuven, Belgium, on “Towards autonomous inland shipping”, More information
12:40 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 14:00

Rudy R. Negenborn

Ali Haseltalab, PhD student/employee, Delft University of Technology and
Rudy R. Negenborn, Associate Professor, Delft University of Technologyon “Autonomous Ships: Theory and Practice”, More information
14:00 14:30 program Wojciech Paprocki Prof. Wojciech Paprocki PhD, Full Professor, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, on “3NTOCC – it means: No Train, No Terminal, No Truck (3NT) Operating Common Carrier (OCC)”, More information
14:30 15:00 Lieven Dejonckheere program Lieven Dejonckheere, Head of Division, De Vlaamse Waterweg NV, Belgium, on “Automation & Smart Shipping on the inland waterways in Flanders”, More information
15:00 15:30 Break
15:30 16:00 Cristiana Pagni Cristiana Pagni, President, Tecnomar Liguria Consortium, Italy, on “An Italian experience for the next ‘jump’ of Unmanned surface vessel (USV) technologies towards commercial shipping”, More information
16:00 17:00 End of Conference and drinks

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