Digital Disruption / Autonomous Systems / 3D Printing / IoT

08:45 09:30  Welcome and Registration
09:30 09:35 pieter hermans program Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for Innovators, Jakajima jakajima, program
09:35 10:00 daniel horn program Daniël Horn, Smart Tech Solutions & Digital Transformation, KPMG The Netherlands, on ‘P2P automation for logistics’ kpmg nederland program
10:00 10:25 Klara Paardenkooper Klara Paardenkooper, Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Rotterdam Business School (RBS), The Netherlands, on “Logistic Applications of Blockchain”, More information; Read the interview
10:25 10:50 jan otten program Jan Otten, Project Coordinator, European project PASSAnT (PlAtform for innovative Security Solutions hArbours & Terminals) / Project Leader, Dutch institute for Technology Safety & Security (DITSS), More information DITSS
10:50 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 11:40 raoul leering program Raoul Leering, Head International Trade Research, ING, on ‘3D Printing: a threat to global trade’ ing bank program
11:40 12:05 Goran Danilovic program Goran Danilovic, Attorney, Bird & Bird LLP, The Netherlands, on “Impact of 3D Printing on import and export rules”, More information logo bird & bird program
12:05 12:30 Ghislain Gauthier program Ghislain Gauthier, Marketing and Sales Director, Create it REAL, Denmark, on “Secured 3D printing in the maritime industry”, More information program
12:30 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 13:55 guy somers program Guy Somers, Project Manager, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, on “Development from intermodal to synchromodal transport. Is your company ready?”, More information fontys logo program
13:55 14:20 Remco PikaartPieter BoonDavid Woudenberg Remco Pikaart, CEO, Shipping Factory, on “From #selfdriving boat to autonomous inland shipping”, More information



Pieter Boon, Partner, Xomnia, on “From #selfdriving boat to autonomous inland shipping”, More information



David Woudenberg, Lead Autonomous, Xomnia, on “From #selfdriving boat to autonomous inland shipping”, More information

xomnia program
14:20 14:45 alfons schaafsma program Alfons Schaafsma, Advisor Innovation and Development, ProRail, The Netherlands, on “Automated Train Operation – an important building block for modern railways”, More information; Read the interview prorail program
14:45 15:10 willem jan lamers program Willem-Jan Lamers, Founder / managing director, Accerion, on “Positioning technology for mobile robots”, More information accerion program
15:10 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 16:05 Roy Lenders Roy Lenders, Lector Supply Chain Fontys University / CEO Digital Operating Models / Founder Genzai, on “Learnings from the use of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain”, More information Genzai
16:05 16:30 robin puthli, program Robin Puthli, Founder, Itude, on ‘Babbler, a ​​IoT based next-generation seal’ babbler, logo
16:30 16:55 jordi program Jordi Arjona Aroca, Technical Projects, Valenciaport Foundation, Spain on ‘“INTER-IoT: Interoperability in a connected port’
16:55 18:00 Drinks