The conference program is under development. More speakers will be added soon, so please check regularly for updates.
Conference hours are 9:00 – 18:00.

Day 1: June 6, 2018

Unmanned / Autonomous Disruption
Speaker to be announced, Valenciaport Foundation, Spain on ‘“INTER-IoT: Interoperability in a connected harbour’
alfons schaafsma program Alfons Schaafsma, Advisor Innovation and Development, ProRail, The Netherlands, on ‘unmanned trains and Automatic Train Operation (ATO)’ prorail program
Janke, Chris program Christian Janke, Assistant Professor, College of Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Germany on ‘benefits and obstacles of drone logistics’ embry riddle program
hans heerkens program Hans Heerkens, Assistant Professor, University of Twente / Chairman, Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft, The Netherlands platform unmanned cargo aircraft

19:00 hrs. Networking Dinner for Cargo Innovation Conference participants

Day 2: June 7, 2018

Digital Disruption
klare paardenkooper program Klara Paardenkooper, Senior Lecturer, Rotterdam Business School (RBS) / Director, Logistics and Mobility, RDM Center of Expertise, The Netherlands, on ‘blockchain’. rdm center of expertise program
Paul Guillaumot program Paul Guillaumot, CEO, Spare Parts 3D, Singapore 3d-spareparts program
andreas baier program Andreas Baier, Travel and Transportation Lead ASG, Accenture, Germany, on ‘Digital Disruption in Freight and Logistics’ accenture logo program
Ghislain Gauthier program Ghislain Gauthier, Marketing and Sales Director, Create it REAL, Denmark, on ‘3D Printing in Greenship For the Future consortium’ program

Call for speakers

Do you have an interesting and enthusiastic presentation related to cargo innovation?
Share your knowledge with a wide, though targeted group of interested professionals at the Cargo Innovation Conference 2018.

Please take into account the following issues for your presentation:

  • The content should make a bridge between technology/research and deployment including the potential business case;
  • The maturity of the concept;
  • Which problem(s) do you solve?;
  • Technological advancements with respect to the developments of the current market;
  • Cooperations in terms of technology, business, deployment;
  • The market and application potential.

Contact us if you would like to give a presentation by filling in this form.