Advances in truck and AGV automation for efficient and safe terminal and inter-terminal operation – Presented by Bastiaan Krosse, TNO

Advances in truck and AGV automation for efficient and safe terminal and inter-terminal operation – Presented by Bastiaan Krosse M.Sc., TNO at the Cargo Innovation Conference, which takes place on June 14, 2017, at Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands.

In this presentation some latest developments on both truck and AGV automation are presented that will have a strong impact on future port and terminal operation (on the sites themselves, as well as the inter-link). The developments are presented in the broader scope of vehicle automation in the automotive domain and it will be shown that these developments are applicable for both large and small to medium scale terminals.

About Bastiaan Krosse M.Sc.
Bastiaan holds a position at TNO as Research Manager Integrated Vehicle Safety and previously as program manager Automated Driving. Bastiaan has a strong drive to accelerate deployment of automated systems, combining V2x (communication technology) and Automated Driving technologies. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the TU/e and studied part time Philosophy at Tilburg University.

About TNO
TNO is the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research. TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. This is our mission and it is what drives us, the 2,600 professionals at TNO, in our work every day.

About Cargo Innovation Conference

The logistics industry is gearing up for possibly the biggest challenge in its history. Still in its infancy, research and development projects into unmanned cargo initiatives and smart logistics are aiming to bring about massive disruptions in the global transportation industry throughout the entire logistics value chain.

Organisations active in this industry have to adapt their organisation accordingly in order to optimise operations and revenues. This conference addresses the impact of digitalisation of logistics processes on efficiency and profitability.

Focus topics: M2M, IoT, 5G; Big Data; Sensor Networks; 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing; Robotics; Machine Learning; Security; Regulatory issues; Business models and more…..

The Cargo Innovation Conference is part of the first global multimodal unmanned cargo systems event – a two-day event (Jun 13-14, 2017) that includes 4 dedicated conferences and an exhibition: Cargo Innovation Conference; Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference; Unmanned Cargo Ground Vehicle Conference; Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference; Smart Logistics Expo


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