Impact of 3D Printing on import and export rules – Presented by Dick Ignacio, Bird&Bird LLP

Impact of 3D Printing on import and export rules – Presented by Dick Ignacio, Bird&Bird LLP at the Cargo Innovation Conference, which will take place on Jun 07, 2018, at Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands.

The evolution of 3D printing (3DP) has the potential to wallop global trade as we know it. It may lead to a revolution in the traditional manufacturing industry where current modes of production, sales and transfers of goods and technologies will need to be modified and simplified in order to remain competitive. The growing market of 3DP is set to decrease the need to import intermediate and final goods whilst the movement and trade of raw materials will increase.

You may wonder how will this disruptive technology impact current supply chain models and what will this mean for import and export rules and formalities in practice? Will the fundamental scope of customs legislation change – for example – will the electronic transmission and cross-border exchange of digital files for 3DP become a taxable item subject to customs duties upon importation? How will 3DP challenge the current WTO agreements and the EU trade policy when cross-border trade partially switches from physical movement to electronic transmission of digital blueprints? How can logistic companies get ahead of 3DP where its current revenue from customs declaring, customs storing and shipping parts for global manufacturers may vaporize? And finally, on the export side, what about the impact of 3DP and applying export controls on materials used in the 3DP process, e.g. titanium powders which are used both to produce dental and other implants, and in the defence and aerospace industry for airplane parts and possibly for missiles.

The above import and export questions will be shortly touched upon in view of – hopefully – engaging audience participation and interaction.

About Dick Ignacio
Dick Ignacio is an associate in Bird & Bird’s Trade & Customs Practice. He advises companies on export controls & sanctions, EU trade defence, indirect taxes (customs & VAT), and trade regulatory matters.

His practice involves assisting and guiding clients with regard to EU export control compliance, especially related to telecommunications and information security. He provides legal advice to clients that see themselves confronted with several (US, UN and EU) economic sanctions regimes such as the regimes against Iran and Russia.

His experience includes also classifying products for customs purposes, appeal procedures on customs and anti-dumping matters, and the improvement of supply chains from a customs perspective by using opportunities from free trade arrangements and customs valuation optimisation strategies. He frequently provides legal advice on international VAT structures in the aviation and maritime industry, as well as legal advice on international VAT issues related to e-commerce.

In the field of EU trade defence, he assists clients in connection to anti-dumping matters related to bicycles, paper and solar modules. In trade regulatory matters, Dick’s experience centres on assisting clients with non-tariff based barriers to trade such as regulations on the contents of product, licensing requirements for trade in drug precursors, the WEEE, CE-marking, REACH and RoHS.

Dick studied tax law at Tilburg University, and Dutch criminal law and European Union law at the University of Amsterdam. During his European Union law studies, he was especially focussed on EU trade related aspects such as anti-dumping and free trade agreements.

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About Cargo Innovation Conference
The logistics industry is gearing up for possibly the biggest challenge in its history. Digital technologies disrupt the traditional valuechain. Disruption is everywhere. The traditional players have to adapt quickly, otherwise new entrants will threaten their positions or even take over.

The Cargo Innovation Conference addresses the impact of digitalisation of logistics processes on efficiency, profitability, user friendliness, transparency and more.


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